S1 Panty Vibe in Rose/Chrome

Ah, date night! Maybe you have one every week, and maybe you don’t. Here’s the thing: OVO’s S1 Panty Vibe is about to give you a very good reason to put one into your calendar – whether it’s with a partner or you, yourself and you.

Snuggling sexily against the body thanks to a thoughtfully curvy shape, the sleek, silky Panty Vibe fits perfectly into a favorite pair of panties (or boy briefs, or g-string). Needless to say, it’s perfect for sneaking into the theater, restaurant or club, unbeknownst to anyone but you and perhaps your partner. Of course, the S1 can also be held in hand to direct 7 possible modes of throbbing vibration straight to sweet spots.

$59.99 $50.99