PDX Reach Around Stroker

Honestly, butt sex-simulating strokers aren’t hard to come by. There are lots of masturbators featuring butts out there in the world (and on our site), and most of them are great! However, many of those fine strokers do not include a cock to play with. This one does! Reach for Pipedream Extreme’s Reach Around when you or your penis owning partner is looking for a super-lifelike shape, lots of textured length, and some squeezable, ultra realistic balls for good measure. Shaped into a long, detailed shaft, the Reach Around features something real cocks generally do not – a snug anal opening at the base. Grip the shaft tight to bring a sexy inner texture nice and close as you/they penetrate, and while you’re at it, grip the balls, too. Encased in plushy Fanta Flesh, the balls themselves are firm and will definitely stand up to some good hard squeezing.

$109.99 $80.99