Glow Dicks 8" The Banger Vibe in Pink

Okay, so, we’re not actually recommending The Banger be used as a flashlight, but we are suggesting that this Blush Novelties Glow Dicks vibe could come in pretty handy during a game of sexy hide and seek. Pop it under a light bulb for a while, and the ultra real, specially textured Banger will glow nice and bright, just in case you get lost on the way to your favorite sweet spot! Nice and sleek up top, the Banger penetrates comfortably and immediately begins seeking, finding and pleasing inner erogenous zones. Perfect for alone time and just as perfect with a playmate, the buzzy Banger can be used to cure just about any body part in need of some sexual healing. Whether it’s being enjoyed inside or out, the classic-with-a-twist shape targets clitoris, nipples, g-spots and beyond. Speaking of the clitoris, though, the Banger offers up a sexy patch of texture placed oh-so-strategically on a slightly swollen outcrop down near the base. As the shaft throbs away inside, that texture bumps and grinds against outer areas, depending on your position and location of individual sweet spots, of course. As always, please play carefully if you’ll be putting the Banger in the vicinity of your derriere, as there is no base to prevent slip

$39.99 $34.99