Devine Orgasm Wheel & Stroker Vibe

If the table’s still open, we’d like to place a bet! We’re going all in on the assumption that when you think of the term ‘dual stimulator’, a rabbit vibe probably comes to mind. If we’re right, great! It should. But, as it turns out, there are other ways to get that full-coverage, all-sweet-spots-at-attention feel, and the Devine Orgasm Wheel & Stroker is one of them. Curved into a sexy ‘J’ shape, the innie and outie capabilities of this totally unique stimulator are perfect for alone-time or shared situations. It’s nice and lightweight, very comfortable in hand. Above a nice sturdy handle, a silky purple shaft complete with smooth swollen tip thrusts up and down at 3 possible speeds. Needless to say, G (or P-spot) stimulation cravings don’t stand a chance!

$169.99 $120.99