Click to enlarge image The Emperor Remote Prostate Massager

Lavishing lots of vibrating love plus a super-sexy beaded tip on your P-spot or G-spot, Zero Tolerance’s The Emperor takes zillions (possibly an exaggeration!) of possible inner pleasure places into consideration. Intrigued?? Fun fact: whether you have a prostate or a G-spot, it’s accessible through the anal canal. Prostate owners, this magical gland hides a few inches inside the anal canal and is (usually) easily reached by a finger or toy. If you’re the proud owner of a G-spot, you may already know that it hangs out on the top wall of the vagina, and can be directly stimulated by penetration, or indirectly stimulated from inside the butt. All this to say – you can enjoy The Emperor vaginally, anally, solo or with a playmate, at home or away.

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