Anal Fantasy Beginner's Prostate Stimulator

Sized perfectly for anal newbies and remarkably easy to handle, the velvety, dreamily purposeful Beginner’s Prostate Stimulator from Pipedream’s Anal Fantasy line was explicitly designed for precision p-spot massage. Featuring a classically effective shape with a strategically angled head that presses excitingly agasint nerve-ending rich backdoor sweet spots, this manageable little massager also boasts a unique looped base that allows for simple, one-finger manipulation. Shaped for smooth, comfortable insertion, a softly pointed, deliciously contoured head gently and inexorably widens the anal opening, tilting forward to naturally rest against the ultra sensitive, orgasm-inducing prostate when positioned just right. Reaching out from the base, a sleek, nubby textured arm is placed to gently press against the perineum- a highly sensitive area that, for many men, will up the pleasure ante still further. This arm, as well as a second up-reaching tail opposite easily protects against too-deep penetration, and, along with the looped ring, allows for perfectly controlled manual manipulation

$39.99 $21.99