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the No.1 way of bringing back the spark into your relationship.

With our unique collection of bedroom toys, that would awe your partner and bring back the sexual intrigue into your relationship. Using our guide from the free report combined with our unique collections, your sexual relationship would be back on track.

Our best sellers

Best Selling

Position Pal sex toys for partners

Known as the gateway to extreme satisfaction the position pal strap is not just one of our highly added to cart item, its versatility and fun factor is incredible. It offers partners the deepest penetration and ultimate control over angle and position.

Best Selling

Pleasure Swing in White

Use it once and you may find yourself every night wanting to pull out the pleasure swing, its extra light weight and so simple to get the fun rolling.It's the perfect toy for creative partners who would have endless possibilities on using the pleasure swing. Comfortable padded thigh/hip straps along with a wide padded chest strap securely hold and stabilize various parts of the body, allowing lovers to focus on pure pleasure.

Best Selling

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

A re-imagined version of the famed Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator, the Next Generation combines a silky scooped silicone treatment tip with eleven modes of undulating Pressure Wave suction, a waterproof design and convenient re-charge potential. Contoured to fit comfortably in hand, the Pro 2 can be directed easily over and around the body- the sleeker shape allows for lots of play possibilities during foreplay and sex.


the impact of sex toys to your relationship.

  • Most Couples Rely On New Positions To Keep Sex Exciting, although its been proven that throwing in sex toys into the mix could make for some fiery new explorations, rekindling the sparks you once had.
  • Majority of partners use sex toys to maintain the their sexual chemistry, putting effort into your sexual relationship has proven to double the chances of partners staying together, as sex is one of the leading factors of a healthy relationship.
  • Sex toys are becoming more mainstream than ever,and people are more comfortable now to express their sexual desires which in most cases are met with the inclusion of sex toys. Your partner may we dying inside to bring it up to you but may not feel comfortable about bring it up, so its up to you to break the ice on it and present one as a gift.
  • Couples Who Use Sex Toys Are Better At Giving Direction To Their Partners In addition to communicating, when it comes to great sex, couples also need to be able to give direction. So therefore the use of sex toys would make you both better at communicating on matters that do not just revolve around the bedroom.